• Heating Sheet System
    An appropriate replacement for fuel heating systems
  • Satrap Sanat Qeshm
    The first manufacturer of paper heating systems in Iran
  • Heater Sheet
    With just 200 watts of electricity, it produces more than 170 kilocalories to 45 degrees per m*2
  • Iran and Japan
    Japanese Iranian company "Qatmam SATRAP Industry" consists of managers and engineers from both countries

What is Heating Sheet

 Heating sheets are flexible, lightweight carbon tissues which mainly used as heating energy source in environments where other approaches are not applicable or not economical
 Read our article to learn more heating sheets, how they work and their use cases 



Up to 100,000 hours useful life

The efficient functionality up to 100,000 hours with no efficiency degradation is 100% guaranteed

Fast Implementation

A quick setup (in hours) working with both AC/DC power is one of the key advantages of our product

100 times more pressure tolerance

Our product can tolerate the pressure up to 400 kg/cm².

40% less power consumption

Quick reach to maximum tempreture and power consumption in only 25% to 45% of its operational time to keep maximum tempreture results in significant energy savings

Quick reach to desirable heat

Depending on the material used on the floor, it takes only 3 to 15 minutes to warm human body

Health Benefits

Studies prove infrared rays have positive effect on blood circulation, sleep modulation, pain releif and much more


No effect on air moisture, no odors, and fireproof material makes our product a safe choice

Flexible peak tempreture

According to our standards, the peak temperature of the paper heating system is 80°C, but depending on the use case, it can reach up to 300°C

Light weight

The carbon paper weight is only 40 grams per square meter. It should be noted that the weight of the heating system is only 500 grams per square meter.

  • The volume is very low, safe and safe with the possibility of raising the temperature to 300 degrees

  • Fast installation with no cost of repair and maintenance.

Use Cases

Building Heating System

wall floor now-removal

More heating energy with more quality, more useful and more safe but more economical.


medical-equipment nursing-care

Infrared Rey and Carbon Nano structure Technology in medical industry.

Clothes and Textiles


Absorption of useful Infrared by Nano structures of Carbon and producing heating energy.

Industrial and Agriculture

agriculture egg-farming

Guiding Radiation energy and absorption of it, improves environmental performance in agriculture.

Car Manufacturing

Carbon Technology, paper heating sheets in car seat.


Balance of hormones, improvement of blood circulation and technology increasing oxygen levels with carbon.

Hamidreza KarimniaChairman of the board and shareholder


Maryam GoudarziManaging Director

  • Heater Sheet's Efficiency

    This unique product produces 170 kcl with 45°c temprature in 1 sq.m. using only 200 w electricity

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